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The Company Section is for Boys in Primary 7 and First Year to Sixth Year of Secondary School.

 Boys’ Brigade Band

At 7:00 p.m. on Sundays, the Band meets to practice. They have been very successful in the recent past, winning the Glasgow competition on several occasions, coming second in the Scottish competition many times and winning the Contest class in the British competition – meaning that we could compete in the Championship class. The officer in charge of the band is Mr Stuart MacOnie.

Week Nights

Throughout the week we have activities on at Jubilee House (our own hall) which all members can attend. There is something on every day for the boys.

Saturday Mornings

We run two football teams which play in the Glasgow Battalion Leagues.

  • Under 13   seven-a-side,
  • Under 17  eleven-a-side.

 Typical Week

  • Sunday 10:00 a.m. Bible Class
  • Monday 6:45 p.m. Swimming
  • Tuesday 7:00 p.m. U13 Football
  • Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Club Night
  • Thursday 7:00 p.m. U15 Football
  • Friday 7:40 p.m. Parade Night
  • Saturday Football  two teams


The 44th Glasgow Company of the Boys’ Brigade have their own website.  They also have their own Facebook page.

 Annual Camp

The 44th Glasgow Boys’ Brigade Company have established a much-loved tradition of going to Seahouses for their annual camp. For most of the last 50 years, they have enjoyed being in the vicinity of Seahouses and Beadnell. During that time, they have appreciated wonderful co-operation within the community. Over the years, they have continued to improve the standard of equipment and accommodation and they provide a most impressive camp. The boys’ families also visit on the second weekend and join the boys for Church Parade at the local Methodist Church. There is a wonderful, welcoming atmosphere in the camp. In the vicinity are several beautiful beaches fringed by grass-covered sand dunes.


The Display

Parents are invited annually to see what the boys do at the Company; and awards, prizes and trophies are presented.


The Captain of the 44th Glasgow Company of the Boys’ Brigade is Mr Stuart McOnie, appointed in August 2010.

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