Rev Macleod Inducted to Rutherglen Old

The evening of 6 July saw a party of around 65 Cardonald members attend the Induction of Calum MacLeod to Rutherglen Old Parish Church.

Together with members of Rutherglen Old and members of Glasgow Prestbytery the pews in the old and historic Church were well filled with supporters of Calum.

This means that Cardonald now has a vacancy for a minister.

The Rev. Dr. Graham Blount has been appointed Interim Moderator by Glasgow Presbytery. The Rev. Sheila Blount (Mr Blount’s wife and former Assistant Minister at Cardonald) has been appointed as Locum Minister to the Congregation, with effect from 1 August.

The Locum minister may be contacted via the Church Office on 0141 882 6264 or by e – mail to


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