Goodbye meal with Calum, Ada, Beth – Joy and John

Fifty – eight members of Cardonald Parish Church gathered at Ralston Golf Club on Wednesday evening  to say goodbye to Calum and family before their move to sunny Rutherglen.

Session Clerk Fergus Stewart caught the mood of the attendees with his speech, particularly with this item (sincere apologies to the Gilbert and Sullivan Society):-

He is the very model of a moderator general,

With information vegetable, animal and mineral,

He knows it all from Genesis and quotes it quite methodical,

Line by line and verse by verse in order categorical,

He’s well acquainted too, you know, with matters mathematical,

From Fibonacci numbers which to us are problematical,


Extensive are the quantities of words he’ll sometimes choose to use,

For us it’s very tempting to raise up our little flag of truce


So it’s filial, uxorial, makarios and docetism,

Attracting here and there a teeny, little bit of criticism,

He’ll go into depths on topics which are truly cosmological,

And back them up with others which are downright theological,

He’ll send a mail subpended with an erudite pericope,

That might just be subjected to a session clerk photocopy.


Demonstrations and experiments most daring and so challenging,

Well, that Mobius strip got quite a snip!

In short, in matters vegetable, animal and mineral,

He is the very model of a moderator general.


Our  thanks to the Cardonald Summer Singers for their first class singing of some popular songs and to Mary Reid for her witty vote of thanks.




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