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The website divides congregational interests and activities into several sections, each consisting of pages related to the theme of that section. These sections are shown in the main menu bar at the top. Pages within each section have a sidebar with a more detailed menu. Each section has a page that guides you to the pages in the rest of the section.

Whilst we make reasonable efforts to ensure the reliability of external websites to which we link, we do not accept any responsibility for their content. We link to other websites in good faith, and are fairly confident that those to which we link do not carry inappropriate content. Please let us know if you find that our links are not reliable. Occasionally, internal links may take you to pages that are not included within our menu system. Pressing the “Back” button on your browser should enable you to return to a previous page.

If you get lost on any page within our website, scroll up to the top of the page and click on the name of the church to return to the Home page.

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