Privacy Policies

The Christian faith is based on the understanding that in the person of Jesus Christ the character of God is revealed to the human race. Jesus makes it clear how highly God values people, how deeply he respects us, how graciously he deals with us, and how he wants to relate to us in a true and open way. We take this approach as being the best approach for all human interaction.

We are committed to ensuring that visitors to our website are treated with courtesy, and respect. As we value our own privacy, so we try to ensure that the privacy of others is not breached by anything published on our website. We do not share the names (or any other data) of our visitors with any third party.

At least in theory, anything published on the internet has a wider circulation than our paper publications such as our magazine (“Contact”), and our weekly bulletin. As the latter have a fairly restricted circulation, they may contain telephone numbers. This is especially handy for members without ready access to the internet. However, we have no way of knowing who may choose to access our website. When we publish either a pew leaflet or the magazine, we redact all telephone numbers.

Similarly, the website does not give the telephone numbers of leaders of our organisations. Anyone wishing to contact an organisation leader may do so, in the first instance, through the Church Office.

The only telephone number published on our website is that of the Church Office.

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