During the course of the year, we issue various publications. The Annual Accounts are normally published in February of each year. In the autumn, we publish a Contact Directory to make it convenient for our members to contact church officials, Elders, Board members, organisation leaders, etc. Each Sunday, our printed Order of Service includes relevant notices. As there is much information to share, a copy of our monthly church magazine, Contact, is circulated to members nine months of the year.

Pew Notes

For each Sunday, we publish a bulletin that includes the Order of Service and various notices. Of course, these are sometimes supplemented by information announced from the pulpit. Only those who attend services in person are able to keep fully up-to-date with our news. Any telephone numbers are normally redacted from the downloadable online version, but anyone referenced in the bulletin may be contacted through the Church Office.


Every month except January, July and August, we publish a magazine, entitled Contact. These are primarily for use within the Congregation of Cardonald Parish Church but we realise that, often, these are of interest to people from, for example, other churches. When recent issues of the magazine are published here, telephone numbers and addresses, are redacted. Please note that redaction may interfere with the layout of pages. People referenced in the magazine may be contacted through the Church Office.

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