Session Clerk

Fergus received his religious upbringing at Shieldhall and Drumoyne United Free Church, among whose founding members were his maternal grandparents. He attended Sunday School there but a house move from Linthouse meant that Mosspark Parish Church Sunday School and Bible Class beckoned. However he became a member of Shieldhall and Drumoyne and subsequently was Sunday School superintendent. It was there that he met his future wife, Elizabeth. After marriage and moving to Kilmarnock he joined Howard St Andrew’s Church of Scotland.

Some years later, on returning to Glasgow, he attended Barrhead South and Levern Church of Scotland before joining Cardonald and was ordained into the Eldership in 1994. After a short spell on the Christian Education Committee he was asked to join the Child Protection (now Safeguarding) Committee later becoming its Co-ordinator, a position he continues to hold. At that time, he relinquished his role in charge of the offerings rota. He is a member of the grounds working group.

He was, by profession, a teacher of Geography, for many years a head of department in Glasgow schools. Since (semi)-retiring he has been an occasional supply teacher and retains the post of school treasurer in his last school, where he also invigilates examinations.

His son, Craig, has not yet flown the nest. His late wife’s love of cats rubbed off on him and the family shares accommodation with 72 claws at present. When he has the time he enjoys gardening, cycling, Scottish lepidoptera and photography but, cats apart, his passionate pastime is model railway engineering (please beware suggesting that he plays with toy trains). He has been known to tinkle the ivory but fears the rust has set in. Musical taste is almost exclusively light classical; if you can hum it, it’s in. If you can’t, it’s out. Nevertheless he is fond of loud, lower register organ music, Beethoven and Schubert, and thinks Chopin is absolutely ace!

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