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Centrality of Christ

Central to our life as a congregation of believers is the worship of Jesus Christ.

A lot of attention and effort goes into making Sunday morning services the highlight of everyone’s week. Car owners give friends and neighbours a lift. Different elders prepare the premises, open up the church and greet the worshippers. Some read the Bible lessons to the congregation. Other office-bearers take part in gathering the congregation’s offering.

Our praise is led by a variety of organists and a small choir. We hold a CCLI copyright licence, enabling an almost unlimited repertoire of hymns.

Soul Food

We encourage people to feed their minds with interesting, positive elements of knowledge and we all benefit from having our horizons broadened. To this end, we have organisations for males, for females and for both. Whether you are simply looking for a safe environment in which to mix with other people or spiritual fuel for your soul, we have something for you. For more information on how to recharge your batteries, read about our Services.

Christian Nurture

Human beings are designed to need one another’s support and encouragement. The various organisations of our congregation provide young people and those of maturer years opportunities for self-improvement.

As we believe that the human body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, we encourage everyone to look after their bodies to ensure that they remain healthy and fit. We have organisations designed to help people to eat properly, to keep their bodies active and supple. We help you nurture your mind, body and spirit, so that you fulfil your God-given potential.

Mission Statement

We welcome all within our Parish and community to the congregation and fellowship of Cardonald Parish Church. As part of the Church of Scotland we acknowledge the Word of God, contained in the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, to be the supreme rule of faith and life. We seek to bring the message of God’s love, through his Son Jesus Christ, to the people of Cardonald, praying that they may be nurtured in the Christian faith.

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