Church Choir

Cardonald Parish Church has always been fortunate to attract high calibre organists, supported by an enthusiastic Choir.

Until October 2008, Andrew Munro, whilst a student at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow, was our Organist. After he took up a teaching post too far away from Cardonald, Mrs Alison McGuinness, formerly Organist at Howard Saint Andrew’s, Kimarnock, was appointed as his successor. As Alison was invited to take up a post nearer her home, on 28 March 2010, Andrew Munro returned to play at Cardonald until the summer of that year. Since 2011, during term-time, we were fortunate to have the services of Adam Taylor, an Engineering student at the University of Glasgow. Since the beginning of 2015, Ellen Mawhinney, a violin and voice student at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, plays for us.

During the holidays, we rely on supply organists.

The Choir consists of ladies and gentlemen who have been blessed with musical voices and are enthusiastically committed to singing the praise of our Lord Jesus Christ. Their primary role of the Choir is to lead and encourage the Congregation’s singing during the Sunday Service.

Our praise books are the Church Hymnary Third Edition (CH3) and Songs of God’s People (SGP). Cardonald Parish Church has a Christian Copyright License, which enables us to attempt an extensive repertoire of music and lyrics. We take delight in a wide range of hymns from classical, traditional Church of Scotland staples to experimental items with very modern and unusual beats and settings.

If you enjoying singing, the Choir would love for you to join with them.

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